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In December I visited Philim in Gorkha District,  the bus and walk to the health post took more than three days but was spectacular.  Once in the village I supported PHASE health workers in nearly sixty consultations which included advising on the management of illness, examination techniques in the clinic and providing tutorials in any spare time.  The main health problems seen in Philim are trauma, skin infections, respiratory problems and diarrhoea. In addition two women came for antenatal checks and I visited some patients in their own homes.

This was the second time I have been to Nepal with PHASE; I come because I love the country and the people and think PHASE is doing a very valuable job.  Volunteering with them ticks all the right boxes for me as I have limited time to spend away from home.  PHASE is able to plug some large gaps in medical provision in certain districts and their involvement in local infrastructure projects is very valuable. My impression is that PHASE health workers do an amazing job and are dedicated, skilled and well respected locally.  The ‘overseas’ influence seems subtle – in Nepal PHASE seems very Nepalese – and thus should be sustainable.  I never fail to be impressed by the resilience of the Nepalese people who live in the hills.

Dr David Loveday and PHASE Health Worker Anjana

Dr David Loveday