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About Rosie Swale Pope


Our patron Rosie Swale Pope is an author, adventurer and marathon runner, who successfully completed the longest unsupported run in world history – over 20,000 miles in 1789 days (5 years).  Alone Rosie has faced wolves, extreme cold and loneliness, saying, “I CAN”. Rosie embodies the core values and ethos of PHASE Worldwide.

In April 2003 Rosie ran across Nepal, the journey was 1,700 kilometres (1,060 miles) and she established a new world-record, completing the crossing in just 68 days. This run raised funds to sponsor a PHASE health camp in Humla, Nepal.  Rosie took up marathon running when she was 48 and a few of her other achievements include running across Cuba and Romania and the gruelling Marathon Des Sables in the Sahara – twice!  In the 1970s Rosie sailed to Australia and back with her husband and young daughter, giving birth to her son on board.  Rosie has sailed single-handed across the Atlantic in a small boat, and trekked 3,000 miles (4,800 km) alone through Chile on horseback. Rosie lives in Wales and is a fantastic motivational speaker for events.

Rosie has spoken at numerous events to support PHASE and in 2015 ran the length of the UK spreading our message! Find out more about Rosie’s Run. Following the earthquakes Rosie wrote to us from us her run across America with her thoughts.

It is a privilege to have Rosie as a patron for PHASE Worldwide.

“I very strongly believe that there’s no such thing as an ordinary person, you can overcome fear if you face it.  The power to aim higher and dream bigger is within the spirit of every single human being.” Rosie Swale Pope

Rosie’s round the world run in 2003 was one of the longest that has ever been completed.

Credit to ExpertSure.com for the infographic

See how her run compares with some of the other most prolific expeditions ever completed here:

You can find out more about Rosie Swale Pope on Wikipedia

Rosie Swale Pope with the PHASE volunteer team

Rosie Swale Pope with the PHASE volunteer team